By Nicole Price

Almost every girl hits that age when she thinks she is exiting her awkward stage—the middle school years.  But in my experience, she is only just entering it via bright eyeshadow and over usage of lip gloss. It’s like we hit a certain age and we suddenly discover makeup and think it is the absolute best thing to ever be created. We want to buy it, use it, and wear it all the time.  Parents may tell us that we’re too young to wear it, but we still want it.

I was that middle schooler who begged their unwilling parents for makeup. I was just hitting puberty and acne struck.  It wasn’t so much the eyeshadow I cared about but the concealer and foundation. My mom always argued against it because she said it would make my skin worse but I just needed it. I felt useless without it. I would put it on without my mom knowing just so that I would feel more comfortable in my skin. From concealer, I went onto the eyes.  I always felt I had big eyes. I was then told by friends that eyeliner would help because it makes your eyes looks smaller. Personally, I think I look completely horrid without my black eyeliner on my bottom lid. I look at myself in the mirror, and truthfully I feel I look different. I don’t think I could ever go without wearing concealer and eyeliner.  I notice now how society shaped me and other girls to focus on our physical flaws and try to enhance them with product.

I think to myself how much time, effort, and money we put into makeup. I personally give myself 15-20 minutes to perfect my makeup and make sure it fits my approval before I leave to start my day. I am beginning to see how much time and effort are being used up.  What else could I do with my time?  Why do we even need make up? Why does it make us feel better about ourselves?   I am guilty of it.  My hope is that I will see my smile and a working brain as beautiful enough.

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