By: Julia McGhee

I have this problem where I tend to judge people based on how many Facebook profile pictures they have… If you only have one or two, you are clearly not Facebook active, and thus boring for me to Facebook stalk. If you have between 40 and 60, you are on a fine line of whether you maybe just don’t delete your old pictures, or maybe you change your profile picture far, far too often. If you have above 60 profile pictures I will most likely assume that you are self-obsessed. If I look and see that you change your profile picture practically weekly, I am definitely judging you. I know, I know, that is completely unreasonable and rude… but it is kind of the honest truth.

My next immature method of profile picture judgment is what the images are like. For example, are all of your pictures mirror selfies? Are all of your pictures with your significant other? Are most of your pictures not even of you? Are your pictures only ever of just you and none of your friends and family? Are all of your pictures of you doing ridiculously cool things that I am jealous of? Are your pictures of you playing the same sport from 60 different angles? Are your pictures super serious, or are they sometimes funny? There are just so many options.

What this all comes down to is that you can completely design your Internet self and manipulate it to make you look the way you want. I remember before I went to college I went through my entire Facebook and made sure I looked exactly the way I wanted in order to make a good first impression on my new peers. I almost always have exactly 35 profile pictures or less. I rarely update my status. I untag unattractive pictures of myself. I unfriend people. It is all really so ridiculous. The things people not only in the younger generation, but also the baby boomers and older, will do to make themselves look a certain way on social media are out of hand. Lets be completely real, people more often than not, especially girls, will choose their profile pictures based on how attractive they look. I also hear things like this all the time: “I have to dress really cute tonight because I want a new profile picture,” or “do NOT put any ugly pictures of me on Facebook!” or “wait don’t take that picture until I fix my hair.”

The moral of the story is that Facebook is making the world completely self-obsessed. Yes, even those of us with less than 60 profile pictures are equally guilty of obsessing over our Internet personalities and our body images. Unfortunately, just being aware of the issue doesn’t mean anyone is willing to stop this self-deprecating cycle…


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One Response to My Online Image

  1. Hailey Gagnon says:

    I honestly love this blog post and think that a lot of people feel the way that you do when it comes to pictures on facebook. However, I fall into the category of people with over 60 profile pictures on facebook. In my defense however, I have had my facebook for about 5 years and I never delete old pictures. I enjoy taking pictures and posting them online and it makes me wonder sometimes? Am I obsessed? I know that I would easily be able to live without facebook and live without posting a weekly selfie, or daily statuses however I don’t think many people – especially girls – my age could. I always here girls talk about facebook stalking and things like that and it somewhat scares me how facebook can allow someone to look so closely into someone elses life. I think that you are 100% right that facebook is making the world obsessed. I think it is crazy, that one site is morphing the world so much. Social Networking scares me in a way because I know that I am falling right into the rest of my generation and getting attached. I think that everyone needs to get a reality check and realize that facebook isn’t real life. It would be cool if facebook could do a promotion of some sort and shut down a couple random days a month to see how people would react. This post really inspired me, and showed me that maybe I spend a little too much time on facebook.

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