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“You really need to get that fixed.” 7 words from my 23-year-old sister. No, she was not talking about my phone, or computer or something else that I could bring in to a shop and pay some overpriced fee to repair. She was talking about my nose. There is no makeup or product in this world that can cover up my nose. It is right in the middle of my face. It has a large bump and the bridge of it is curved and rounded. It’s a bit too big on my face and gives me a mildly unfortunate side profile. My boyfriend says my nose is cute. My dad laughs and says, “You have my nose! Nothing wrong with that!” My mom jokes that I got my nose from the Christian in the family.

This isn’t the first time someone in my family has made my nose the butt of their jokes. I once complained that I had the worst nose in the family and my mom’s semi- joking response was, “it’s nothing a little plastic surgery can’t fix!” Most of these remarks are supposed to be funny, they are supposed to be taken lightly. Although I laugh and make some self-deprecating jokes in order to look like a good sport, it really isn’t that funny. Everyone has one thing that when they look in the mirror he or she wishes would be different. For me, that has always been my nose. Ashley Simpson had the same nose as me and she got it “fixed.”

Fixed. Isn’t that an interesting word choice? Maybe if I had been born with a nose a little flatter or smaller it might make me look a little more traditionally “good,” but does it really need fixing? That sounds a little bit harsh to me. I don’t think you really can fix yourself… Would I really look better with a cuter nose? Would people like me more if it were different? Would I have an easier time picking out my Facebook profile picture? Maybe. But more likely I would find something else to focus on. Some other imperfection. For now I will keep replaying in my mind my boyfriend telling me he thinks my nose is cute just the way it is.

So no, older sister, I will not “get that fixed,” maybe you should instead get your mind set fixed. Maybe it is the stereotyping, the judging, the expectations, the pressure, and the social norms that need the fixing.


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  1. Hailey Gagnon says:

    I’m really sorry that you had to go through something like this. Although older sisters are supposed to always be there to help guide you and show you the ropes it seems as though yours drifted away for a moment. Probably for the reason being that she is jealous. Like you discussed in the post, you got a lot of attention from every because of your nose. I feel as though maybe your sister felt somewhat left out because she didn’t have the nose that ran in the family. Although her comment discouraged you at first I find you extremely strong for coming out of your short lived funk. You last two sentences really inspired me and showed me that you shouldn’t always care what people think. You are a very strong person and I think you are a great example for girls of all ages out there who are unhappy with themselves.

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