It’s not what you’re thinking…

We are getting down to business and talking about the intimate relationship between women and their makeup!

Every month your friends at CTGirlcott will be sharing some questions that we would love your input on. The goal, for you to get together with your gal pals and talk about our monthly questions, then share your insight with us!

These are conversations that will bring us closer, open up discussion about why we use makeup and what impact it has on us and others.

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Here’s what we’re talking about this month: 

  1. How do you think the concept of Valentine’s Day affects how women feel about themselves and their bodies?
  2. How did you feel on Valentine’s Day empowered or pressured? Did your relationship status make a difference?
  3. Valentine’s day is about showing love to others, what are some things you love about yourself or your body? 

We didn’t say these questions would be easy! Tell us the highlights from your conversation!

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New questions coming in March.
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